A hand drawn poster for the play Wine and Halva, showing three people joined together by a large brown, grey, blue and pink costume with many pockets.

April 7, 2024

Wine and Halva, by Deniz Başar

Postmarginal is excited to be partnering for the very first time in the production of a creative work that supports its mandates and aims. Wine and Halva is a new play by playwright Deniz Başar, directed by Art Babayants and presented at La Risée Théâtre in Montréal.

In partnership with Toronto Laboratory Theatre and in association with Sort of Productions, we are excited to announce the upcoming production of Wine and Halva – piece of narrative theatre, a method uncommonly known to the Canadian stage, but widely used in Middle Eastern and Turkish theatre.

Wine and Halva is more than a play, but an evening to share. Join us for a glass of wine, a taste of halva, a cup of coffee, a light (and dark) laugh, and a play that asks: How can friends do justice to each other when they have almost nothing in common?

Three narrators guide the audience through an intimate epic of an unusual friendship between two protagonists: Farias (meaning Lighthouse) is a white gay man from a fictional North-American city, where he finds himself trapped in a low-pay menial service job with little hope for the future; while Derya (meaning Sea) is a Turkish woman who emigrates to North
America to complete her PhD, and, to her surprise, becomes a visible minority. Wine & Halva explores the labour and joy of their friendship as a force of resistance. Playwright Deniz Başar is an academic, artist, and award-winning playwright, with Wine and Halva being her first fully staged production. As a woman raised and educated in Turkey before immigrating to Canada, her voice is not only important, but is fresh and especially pertinent to the Canadian stage. Her perspective sheds light on relevant interpersonal and social realities through unapologetic and thought-provoking theatre.


Corbeau Sandoval
Banafsheh Hassani
& Esi Callender


EVENINGS: Thursday-Sunday, May 2-5 & 9-12, 7:30pm
MATINEES: Sunday, May 5 & 12, 3pm
LOCATION: L’Espace la Risée (near Métro Jean Talon)
TICKETS: https://wineandhalva.brownpapertickets.com
If cost is a barrier, please write to [email protected] No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

TLT was founded in 2012 in order to develop, support and produce artistic work and educationprojects that explore the “new”, the “unknown” and the “difficult” through practice-based artistic research. Each TLT project is a new adventure, a new challenge, and a new team. TLT’s participants and audiences are always diverse, TLT’s process is always non-linear, and TLT’s
results are always unexpected.

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