Postmarginal is a collective movement in the performing arts that seeks to research, develop, and talk about creative works that are inspired by a plurality of relationships.

We are a nomadic space for research and creation in the performing arts. We are a living experiment about the future of representation and equity in the performing arts. We are an evolving approach to creation centered on relationships.

We Believe that

The purpose of performing arts is to cultivate relationships.

We live in a world of complexity and continual change.

Representation and equity are a social necessity and a creative possibility.

Every person and thing is by necessity in relation.

Every person has qualities that are indispensable to the totality of all things.

Nature and spirit help us navigate the needs of the world.

We do not possess this project, we take care of it.

Reciprocity is at the heart of healthy relationships

We Value

Attentive presence











Postmarginal was founded at the Modern Times Stage Company after 25 years of intercultural work. Our first symposium, “Beyond Representation,” was held in Toronto.

The first Postmarginal Retreat took place in Montreal, bringing together somatics, practice, and a community discussion on the future of inclusive theatre practice. Performance research workshops on “Subject & Creation” were conducted to investigate performance vocabularies inspired by cultural differences.

We brought the Postmarginal Retreat to Vancouver to foster a national perspective. Our fourth “Subject & Creation” workshop was held in Montreal.

The Postmarginal Retreat travelled to Edmonton and expanded to three days, allowing us the time for prototyping new projects.

Postmarginal separates from Modern Times. “The Centre Cannot Hold” is launched as a website featuring artists from diverse backgrounds with an intertwining search interface. Academic analysis of Postmarginal increases with the presentation of a paper at the International Federation for Theatre Research Conference in Reykjavik.

The project “Alternative Dramaturgies; Marginality, Senses and Technologies” was launched in Montreal to explore how neurodiverse and disabilities perspectives inform dramaturgical practice with the help of multimedia devices. Postmarginal begins investigating new lateral forms of governance for itself and its community.

Postmarginal returns to Alberta for “Edmonton 2.0: Experiments in Relationality,” aimed at creating a permanent hub for Postmarginal’s work in the city.

Partners and friends

ADHOC Assembly
Agence On est là
Ahmed Moneka
Array Music, Smart Lab & The Music Gallery
Art Babayants
Barbara Kanneratoni Diabo
Brooke Leifso
Camille Havas
Canadian Association of Theatre Research
Canadian Heritage
Catherine Bourgeois
Centre for Circus Arts Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer (CRITAC)
Chloé Saintesprit
Chris Dodd
Citadel Theatre
Common Boots Theatre
Conseil québécois du théâtre
Creative Users Project
Cahoots Theatre
Common Boots Theatre
David Mesiha
Diversité artistique Montréal
Doris Tourangeau
Eric Rice
Erin Ball
Florian Grond
Festival Accès Asie
Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Association
Henry Daniel
Hodan Ismaël Youssouf

Humber College Theatre Department
Hunter Cardinal
Jacqueline Cardinal
Jesse del Fierro
Jiv Parasram
Joe Jack et John
Jonathan Thibideau Lacasse
Kagan Goh
Kama La Mackerel
Feuille déchirée
La Sentinelle
Lady Vanessa Cordoba
Todd Houseman
LEGacy Circus
Les Drags te Font Signe
Bibish Marie Louise Mumbu
Maxime D.-Pomerleau
May Kharaghani
Meryem Alaoui
Modern Times Stage Company
Naila Kuhlmann
Conseil des arts de Montréal
Mũkonzi Mũsyoki
Nathan Simmons
Pablo Felices-Luna
Paul Power
Philippe Racine
Power Productions
Prismatic Festival
Professional Association of Canadian Theatre
Punctuate! Theatre
Resource Centre For the Arts
Robert Tsonos

Rouvan Silogix
Roxanne Blood
Rumble Theatre
Santiago Guzman
Scènes Interactives Technologiques
Shrina Patel
Soleil Launière
Soni Dasmohapatra
Roya Yazdanmehr
Lebo Disele
Mūkonzi wa Mūsyoki
Heather Fitzsimmons-Frey
Josh Languedoc
Tatiana Duque
Selena Couture
Morgan Yamada
Sue Goberdhan
Amanda Bergen
Jake Tkaczyk
Sync Leadership
Tangled Art + Disability
Theatre Alberta
Theatre Replacement
Toronto Arts Council
Vancouver Moving Theatre
Véronique Leduc
Veronique West
Walterdale Theatre
White Wash Productions


Our latest project

The Centre Cannot Hold

An online portal by Postmarginal. Enter into a world illuminating the hybridity of practice, artists, and lived experiences.

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