April 27, 2022

The Centre Cannot Hold

Postmarginal invites you to celebrate the official launch of The Centre Cannot Hold by participating in a conversation about sharing practices and resources between marginalized performing artists.
Our new website, The Centre Cannot Hold (centrecannothold.com), will be a unique meeting place for marginalized and non-marginalized artists to dialogue and exchange on creating artistic work inspired by differences.
In addition to promoting more representation in the arts across Turtle Island, the attraction of this project is the commitment of these diverse artists to move across lines of identity to share a common purpose of art-making as a way of building a more inclusive society.
It would be wonderful to have you join the conversation (hosted by the Conseil québécois du théâtre) as we discuss the future and the potential of this project.
A Zoom Conversation on Marginality and Aesthetics
Date: Thursday April 28, 2022
Time: 3:30pm EST (in English) 4:00pm EST (In French)
ASL & LSQ Interpretation upon request.
In English En français
12:30pm PST 13h00 HNP
1:30pm MDT 14h00 HAR
3:30pm EST 16h00 HNE
4:30 pm ADT 17h00 HA

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