February 10, 2021

Digital Platform – Completion of Postmarginal Consultation Circles

[responsivevoice_button] Over the last six months, we have held three consultation circles across Turtle Island with theatre artists from diverse backgrounds to brainstorm ideas for our new digital space. We asked for their guidance because we want to create something that reflects the theatre community’s needs and wishes. This year, our goal is to build and share the resource with you, and we hope that, just like the consultation circles, this digital space will bring theatre artists together to learn about each other’s creative practices.

In the word cloud below are some of the needs that were collectively expressed, which are directing us as we dive into the production phase:

What’s next? This winter, we will choose one idea that unifies the consultation circle results from across Canada and prototype this idea in consultation with design and digital specialists. These consultants will have different areas of expertise (e.g. designing for accessibility, curating artistic workshops online, etc.) We’ll then test our prototype with more theatre artists. In particular we aim to hear from artists who were unable to attend last year, and our theatre colleagues from all provinces and territories, from smaller and rural communities, and representing a wider range of web familiarity and accessibility needs.

By this spring, we’ll start building a functioning digital space with a web development team. We hope to soft launch this summer, and hard launch this fall. It will be a space where different artists working in the intercultural theatre can share their practices in a space committed to bridging silos in our community and to creating positive intersectional spaces online.

For more information, please contact Crystal Chan at [email protected].

Main image: Visual representation from activity from Montreal Consultation Circle. Artist: Alina Gutteriez Meija (Visual Versa).

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