June 15, 2019

CATR2019 Conference – Vancouver, BC

Postmarginal was honoured to be represented at the Canadian Association of Theatre Research’s national conference (CATR2019) from June 3-6, 2019 at the UBC campus in Vancouver.  

At the panel session on June 4th, Dr. Diana Manole, Dr. Yana Meerzon, Guillaume Saindon and Dr. Henry Daniel presented papers on research related to the aims of Postmarginal. Manole presented her paper “The Suspension of Culturally and Politically-Conditioned Beliefs: An Analysis of Modern Times Stage Company’s ‘Subject and Creation’ 2018 Laboratory”, which examined director Soheil Parsa’s exploration of working with cultural differences in a rehearsal hall. Meezon (presenting for Saindon) analyzed the process behind the translation and direction of “Oxygen” by Russian playwright Ivan Vyrypaev, crossing translation and performance boundaries between Anglophone, Francophone and Russian culture. Daniel spoke about his work, “Choreography as Cortical and Cartographic Mapping,” exploring the notion of using “dance and choreographic practices as strategies for claiming the knowledge that is already embedded in the body and its relationship with territory.”

Postmarginal also presented a praxis session at the CATR conference. Director Soheil Parsa led a group of nine participants through a theatre lab to examine how cultural differences can be threaded into a process. At the conclusion of practical work, Postmarginal’s coordinator, Peter Farbridge, explained the process and results of the Vancouver Laborarium, which took place on June 1 -2 at SFU Goldcorp in Vancouver.

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