The Lioness: Bridging Value Systems in Creation

How do we move beyond cultural borders and embrace the values of different worlds?

Storyteller: Shrina Patel

Shrina shares her experience working on The Lioness, a poetic exploration of the ferocity of a woman and the fire that resides within the feminine being. Patel’s choreography speaks to an unexplored perspective in which South Asian women and girls are discovering freedom, which was hitherto only available to men. But the narrative of The Lioness goes even further by introducing the idea of honouring the very culture that represses you.

Photo of Shrina

Shrina Patel is a Performer, Actor, Yoga Teacher, Advocate, Choreographer and the Artistic Director and Founder of Shaktiflow. Her focus is choreographing movements that tell stories of gender and social inequality. The intention is to provoke conversations of the traditional social norms which society holds for the individual, based on their gender, race, and ethnicity. Her vision is aligned with that of Shaktiflow's which is to dedicate the intention to empower individuals through movement--stories told through dance. Each gesture has a meaning and with them the power to facilitate ideas of harmony, unity, equality, and change. The vision is to instill a new perception of mindfulness that will unite us as a collective whole.