Subject and Creation

                         The Intercultural Rehearsal Space

In a four-day workshop led by Soheil Parsa, three directors and six actors from various cultural communities will explore how their cultural backgrounds can be a source of inspiration in rehearsal.

Led by Modern Times’ Artistic Director Soheil Parsa, and supported by Montreal accent coach, Kent Waters, a selected group of three directors and six actors from different cultural backgrounds will explore a chosen text to find the essence of an artist‘s subjectivity in the rehearsal hall. 

Over four sessions designed to explore cultural diversity as a theatrical practice, participants will be imparted with an intrinsic spatial, emotional and corporal approach to text work. Waters will work with the group to explore how actors and directors can effectively use the accents of audible minority actors as a subtle tool in character development.

As part of Modern Times’ “Postmarginal” project, this professional training workshop is a unique opportunity for artists interested in new approaches to creating culturally diverse theatre.

Postmarginal - Symposium



Aluna Theatre

1 Wiltshire Avenue, Unit 124

Toronto, ON  M6R 1S2


Sat. April 1st: 10pm-2pm

Sun. April 2nd: 10pm-2pm

Sat. April 8th: 10am-2pm

Sun. April 9th: 10am-2pm


$275, plus hst

Bursaries available. Inquire for details.

Postmarginal - Cultural Diversity as Theatrical Practice

Participant bursaries for Subject and Creation have been generously provided by Mr. Kory Gorgani, Mr. Ardeshir Zarezadeh, and Mrs.Rosa Ghods (GHODS Builders).


Soheil Parsa – Workshop Leader

Soheil Parsa is an award-winning director, actor, writer, dramaturg, choreographer and teacher, whose professional theatre career spans 30 years and two continents. In his native Iran, Soheil completed studies in Theatre Performance at the University of Tehran and began a promising career as an actor and director. Arriving in Canada with his family in 1984, Soheil completed a second Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies at York University and then went on to establish Modern Times Stage Company as one of the most exciting culturally-diverse theatre companies in Canada. Soheil’s work at Modern Times has been recognized with six Dora Mavor Moore Awards, a Chalmers Fellowship in 2002, and a senior artist creation grant from the Canada Council, as well as a number of international prizes and master class requests. In 2007 and 2010 he was shortlisted for the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre Celebrating Directors, the highest honour in Canadian theatre.

Kent Waters – Accent Coach

Kent Waters is an actor and North American English (NAE) accent specialist. Over the last 20 years, he has performed on stage, television, radio and in film. Beginning in 2008, Kent has also taught English as a Second Language, focusing exclusively on pronunciation since 2014. His approach combines the best accent acquisition techniques of actors with sound pedagogy based on the latest language teaching research. As such, Kent prioritizes the musical elements of NAE such as intonation, as well as word and sentence stress, with the immediate goal of his students being clearly understood as quickly as possible. To this end, emphasis is given to awareness, listening, and practicing new skills actively in a variety of situations, such as dialogues and role-plays. While the aim is intelligibility, Kent also teaches subtler aspects of NAE for those wishing to pass for a native speaker.